Transcraft is TCI's powerful sit-down EV designed for pulling heavy loads through industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, ideal for food cart transport and low ceiling areas

Among its safety features are a collision avoidance system with blue LED safety light, regenerative electronic braking with automatic parking brake

A choice of 24/7 power pack exchange system or opportunity charge with on-board charger

Transcraft is also available with hi-tech Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with on-board converter chargers for fast, clean charging and long life. 





Drive: Transaxle w/motor, permanent magnet, 24VDC/D56

Speed Controls: Variable electronic, forward/reverse, up to 5mph

Power Packs: 4 deep cycle gel cell maintenance free 12V batteries, non spillable

Recharging Time: 6-7 hrs. from discharged to fully charged

Chargers: 2 industrial duty chargers w/connectors and wall mounts - or 24V on-board charging system

Turning Radius: 60"

Dim: 51"h x 26"w x 54.5"l