Drive: Two 24VDC motors

Speed Control: Variable, up to 5 mph, electronically controlled slow-down in curves

Batteries: Hi-tech Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with on-board converter chargers for fast, clean charging and long life. 

On-Board Converter Chargers: For Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries with convenient and easy opportunity charging

Turning Radius: Tight, adjustable

Dim: 42"h x 20"w x 52"l

Weight: 683 lbs. (with 4 Lithium batteries)



Speedy is TCI's unique workstation with an on board charger and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for quick re-charge and long life. 

The Speedy is specifically used in Ring Spinning facilities with narrow aisles and moving equipment, which makes maneuvering a challenge

Speedy SU solved the problem. The optional hi-tech laser scanner with built-in cameras and a collision avoidance system add to the safety features

Its narrow built with a small turning radius makes it ideal for any tight working environment